Pennellificio 2000


PENNELLIFICIO 2000 is an all-Italian company that stands out for its production of high quality and high technology. For over twenty years, the commitment, professionalism and vision of our team are the foundation of what is now a well-established in the industry.


We provide high-quality processing thanks to skilled workers and advanced machinery.


With a production capacity of 2.000 per hour and brushes to a large storage warehouse with material always available, Pennellificio 2000 matches within 24/48 hours for any type of order quantity and variety of pieces.


The wide range of products covers all needs, from the hobbyist to professional, providing the optimal solution for each store through a variety of display solutions in the shop.

Pennellificio 2000 means competence, quality and reliability at your service

We offer the optimal solution for each store, through different exhibition formats of products depending on the needs of construction and the available space in the store.


We rank among the largest companies in the industry thanks to our deep experience in these twenty years, know-how, product quality Made in Italy, the steady growth of both the variety of products and loyal customers.

our history


Established more than twenty years ago as a company specializing in the production of brushes and gloves, Pennellificio 2000 grew quickly thanks to the continuous expansion of its product range and sales network, until becoming a company recognized internationally in the field brushes, rollers, decorative accessories and DIY.


In 2003, the company has created a new brand the Rollers and Brushes, to promote the foreign market, with a new line of products, new infrastructure investments and the expansion of the production and storage for a total of 6000 square meters.


In 2007 was the absorption of 4 historical brushes company: Tema, Wando, Pony and Beverly. The knowledge derived from these acquisitions brought the company to new technology investments and further differentiation of the production lines.

quality at your service for over 20 years



The processing of the brush begins from the mixing of the highest quality bristles. The bristles are worked by hand or machine depending on the type of models and molds in which they are designed.


The second phase is that of the mastic that consists of the insertion of various bristles in their base, previously covered with first quality mastic.


After a resting phase necessary for the hardening of the mastic, the brush is introduced in a combing machine or shaving machine that eliminates the bristles surplus, combing and smoothing, to bring them perfectly in line.


Each production batch is submitted to an accurate checking, repeated several times at each stage of processing before being packed and stored.

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