New Products

Professional Flat brush. High quality white bristles. Honey varnished wooden handle. Tinplate ferrule. Thickness mm.15. Epoxy mastic.
Professional Radiator Brush with a blend of advanced synthetic filaments and pure natural bristles. Wooden handle. Tinplate ferrule. Thickness 10mm. Epoxy mastic.
Professional Wall Brush for all interior and exterior painting tasks with a wise blend of Grey bristles. Plastic base and soft dual material handle for a more comfortable grip. Epoxy mastic.
Top quality flat brush with advanced synthetic filaments, krex, white and blue, one smooth and one textured, in two different lenght to enhance the application of colour. Wood, blue marine varnished handle. Stainless steel frame. Epoxy mastic.
Exclusive Paint Roller in 100% fine, soft Nylon fabric mm.22. With ergonomic handle. Diameter 58mm. High absorbtion. Universal, for all kind of paints and surfaces.
Professional Block brush in high quality white bristles. Varnished Wooden base and handle. Copper plated ferrule. Epoxy mastic.
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